Friday, 17 April 2009

Running Dry?

With nine days to go until this year's Backlash PPV, I and (I guess) WWE Officials are worried about how many matches will be on the PPV. After tonight's episode of Smackdown there will be 4 matches on the card, and to be honest, I don't see that many opportunities for matches. Unless you slap on a diva tag team match or maybe, after completely splitting them, have Miz vs Morrison, or something :S.
You see what the problem is. Thanks, in part, to the draft, were was 3 hours of TV time that used 10 minutes at the end to build some momentum for a feud. But even after WrestleMania (without the draft), the outlook wasn't good. Firstly, Undertaker and Shawn Michaels can't do more from their match at WM25. Big Show has been dumped on the heap after his interlude with the World Heavyweight Championship.
But, the Hardys have gone one bit further, you'll just have to watch Smackdown tonight to hear more. Chris Jericho can't follow up from his Legends match. Rey Mysterio obviously can't go further with JBL, and now he's back on Smackdown, it's too late to make a real match for the PPV (oh, sounds like the way they put his match together at WM25), the same is true with MVP, unless they have a useless #1 Contenders Battle Royal or something.
The Divas are... well... there really is no point of trying to make a half decent match for divas on TV, without the title, let alone on a PPV and after the Miss WrestleMania Load of Shit Battle Royal and the draft, we will not see anything of the divas. And thanks to Miz and Morrison splitting, the Unified Tag Team Champions will not have any trouble come next Sunday.
The matches on the card now (maybe except the ECW Championship Match) are all the storylines that WWE have at the moment and with the long Summer run coming, I'm sure Vince is dreading having the draft before any PPV matches were clear. At least last year, it was the Monday before Night of Championship, which you knew what Matches would be on the card.
WWE Running Dry? I think so, they better act fast.

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