Monday, 20 April 2009

Bobby Lashley back in Wrestling... well TNA

Even though we don't care about TNA here on The Dirt Sheet HD, it's notable to say that after a big match at TNA's Lockdown PPV on Sunday Night, the lights went out. A motorcycle was then heard revving up as music plays. Then out came former WWE star Bobby Lashley to a huge pop! Lashley raised his hands in the air and acknowledges Kurt Angle. Angle smiles from the ring. After his fail at trying to do MMA, it looks like he couldn't turn down the big money that TNA are obviously offering, and this has come as a big surprise as nothing was known about this move and seemed to be out of the line light since his first MMA fight, a couple of months back.
It must be said that this is on the night were all the matches were in the Six-Sides of Steel (Steel Cage) and also on the night that Mick Foley beat Sting to become the new TNA World Champion, yes, that might make for good viewing figures but when you go on their website you can't even see any of the results not even from the matches 3 hours ago, they've moved onto the next PPV already, like tonight never happened, what?!

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