Thursday, 2 April 2009

Match Preview: Intercontnenial Championship Match

So, JBL wants to make History at Wrestlemania, he has already made history by becoming a Grand Slam Champion after winning the Intercontinental Championship from CM Punk, a bit out of the blue, to be honest, but that was only because the missed a section from the week before on Raw to set up the Championship match (we know this because of the leaked Script from that week's Raw).
And this match has been rushed together slightly, it will make for a great match and these two already have some history with Rey retiring JBL before, and if you believe rumors he's going to retire himself and hopefully do a Trish and retire the Championship with him (the first time in history).
Strangely I think that their style will do them good on the Grandest Stage of them All. With JBL's simple big bullying nature and Rey's Fan Favorite High-Flying style, this match will create it's self and also always have the Underdog story in there from Rey (which us Brits love).
The match did come about in a random way with Mysterio challenging JBL for the championship, and I think that might just be filling up the numbers and considering he's on the Wallpaper with JBL, he's going to be in a match. It's strange for WWE to misjudge this one, because they've had so long to build up, as soon as JBL didn't get to face 'Taker, he should have won the title and started the Program with Rey Mysterio, leaving them nearly a month the build-up and considering everyone was one Smackdown and Raw, that's a lot of air time to really cement this, strangely, undercard match.
But since they had less time, they've tried to do everything they could to make this match as big as they could. Personally, I think that they should have had someone in the mix, like Evan Bourne to be in Rey's corner, making it more personal, get some get high flying tag team action in and really show JBL's mean streak (like Knox and Kane towards to the smaller guys) and make it a match that actually mean something personal and realistic for Rey and the audience, whilst also drawing the heat to JBL that he really needs for this match.
This will be a great match no matter what "History" JBL makes, but in the actual match and the content of a real fight that these two will put on. But please can someone tell me why they had a "Wrestlemania Preview" match? By having the actual match on Monday, I guess just to give Rey a win over Bradshaw and an upper-hand towards Sunday (even if it was like watching a house show).

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