Sunday, 19 April 2009

Matt Hardy VS Jeff Hardy - The Feud That Should Not Be!!!

The current WWE Brother VS Brother feud just should not be happening. The two simple reason for this is that the fans don't want it and Matt and Jeff don't want it. Having watched the Jeff Hardy VS Big Show match recently when Matt Hardy entered the ring and started to assault Jeff the fans on camera looked bored and uninterested despite the noise being pumped in by the WWE. Also the people loved the Hardys as a tag team and they loved Jeff and Matt as faces and yet WWE tried to shake it up and it really isn't working. Even though the matches at the moment are good I struggle to see how WWE are going to keep working Matt as a Heel. Also when you look at Matt's face when he is cutting promos he really looks miserable. When he did the promo about Jeff's dog Jack, Matt was almost in tears. Matt also generally looks a lot less impressive since he has become a heel although on a plus side his black tights look impressive. Hopefully WWE may try and help this feud by teaming Matt with Y2J and Jeff with Rey Mysterio so that the matches can be a bit more impressive and Matt Hardy does not have to keep focusing on Jeff he can have start on Rey with Y2J take over with Jeff.

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