Friday, 3 April 2009

Match Preview: MITB

Always one of the most exciting matches at Wrestlemania every year and this is now the 5th Money in the Bank Match, which always has the athletic and high-flying action every year. It, to be honest, could be better this year, because Mark Henry's in the match, why is he in this match, a ladder match, he can't wrestle let alone do a match like that, he will not be able to get half up the ladder. Except for him everyone else has experience in the match and has the creadability, even Kane. There is so much experience in this match, that this is Shelton Benjamin's 4th MITB and he adds something to the match everytime, he's the best superstar in this match who has never won it. I wouldn't be surprised if it starts 'Mania and that would be a great start to what looks like it will be an almost perfect night. But this year I think it might be the first one that is somewhat unpredictable at the winner unless the go with Punk again, or maybe after years of doing this match giving a real push to Shelton, or Vince might have changed his mind about Christian after all this time. The one thing I hope doesn't happen is Mark Henry winning, because I would stop watching WWE until he won it and then lost it again and totally forget about him again. Anyway I hope Mark Henry gets an injury early on to get him out of the way and then have a real match, which is shaping up to be one of the best Money In The Bank Ladder Matches, and considering they always say about that someone could cash in the contract that night at Wrestlemania, it would be great to actually see someone do that. And Finally, what would have made it better would be Evan Bourne being in the match, along with Shelton, Punk, Kofi, Christian and MVP that would be a great match, but too many babyfaces, considering R-Truth was meant to be in Mark Henry's position, wouldn't have been great theatre.

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