Sunday, 5 April 2009

Who is the Real Mr WrestleMania?

Stats accurate as of 4/4/09 So who is the real Mr Wrestlemania: HHH, HBK, Edge, John Cena, Randy Orton or The Undertaker? Firstly, Hulk Hogan does not feature because I continue to lose respect for him the more I read of what he says and what he has done. Also the main criteria of Mr Wrestlemania for me is that he still needs to be in active competition ruling out: Bret Hart, Randy Savage and Ricky ‘The Dragon’ Steamboat (Note from Dee: He's in this year's Wrestlemania ain't he?). The case for HHH is not a great one, all though he has gone into last few Wrestlemania as the World champion he has left empty handed. Also he lost infamously to the Ultimate Warrior in about a 3 minute crush match in which the Warrior got straight up from the Pedigree. So basically HHH in my opinion has no claim to the title Mr Wrestlemania. However HHH match against The Undertaker was amazing and despite a losing effort he put on a great performance. His record is 6 wins - 9 losses at Wrestlemania. HBK the WWE proclaimed Mr Wrestlemania in my opinion is not the true Mr Wrestlemania. HBK has lost more than he has won and despite his performances as a Superstar at Mania but I would rather a Mr Wrestlemania who performs well and wins a lot of his matches. However his match against Kurt Angle was amazing and like most of his Mania matches he lost however he was did really well. Although Batista may disagree his match at Wrestlemania 24 was amazing and I don’t think Ric could have asked for a better send off. His record at Wrestlemania is 5 wins – 8 losses. Edge the Rated R Superstar could be a Mr Wrestlemania of the future and if he beats Cena and Big Show then he will be 6 and 2 something which is not something to be ashamed of. The only matches he has lost were Money in the Bank and The Undertaker. The Rated R superstars tactics may not be always honest but he is effective however if he Wrestlemania losing streak continues then perhaps he may never claim the title of Mr Wrestlemania but at the moment he is not worth of it. His Wrestlemania record is 5 wins – 2 losses. John Cena the Champ is not here and the title of Mr Wrestlemania is not here either. He is not undefeated and his matches are often poor. The best match he has had at Wrestlemania was at XX when he beat the Big Show and also the rap beforehand was amazing although the match he had with HBK was good. His Mania record is 4 wins – 1 lose. Randy Orton the legend killer is looking good at Wrestlemania but his win lose record is not great and some of his matches have been poor and example of that being Evolution vs. the Rock ‘n’ Sock connection. His loses were against The Undertaker which is acceptable and also against Rey Mysterio perhaps not so. Also he has competed in two triple threat matches at Mania which is not always a good thing. But if Orton can keep winning at Mania he can then perhaps like Edge he would be a Mr Wrestlemania of the future but not right now. His Mania record is 3 wins – 2 losses. The Undertaker Undefeated, entertaining and legendary. Simply 3 words that describe The Undertaker’s Wrestlemania streak. He is Mr Wrestlemania because he puts on a great show anytime he competes at Mania and he wins something Mr Wrestlemania should do. HBK may wish to call himself Mr Wrestlemania but the fact is The Undertaker is the one and only Mr Wrestlemania. As if I needed to tell you his Wrestlemania record is 16 wins – 0 losses.

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