Tuesday, 15 December 2009

2009 Dirty Awards: Best Guest Host

Nominations and Winners:
- Roddy Piper 16th November (Co-Winner)
- Bob Barker, 7th September (Co-Winner)
- Jesse ‘The Body/Governor’ Ventura, 23rd November (Co-Winner)
- Shaquille O'Neal, 27th July
- Ozzy Osborne, 2nd November
This category was a lot harder to pick that worst guest host and all of the above candidates could have easily one but we at the Dirt Sheet HD have narrowed it down to 3. Again in chronological order, co-winner 1 was Bob Barker who proved that on RAW the Price is right. Roddy Piper provided David O’Dea with one of his favourite RAWs in a long time as well as a memorable moment of the Boom Drop through a table on Orton and cementing him as a star. To sum up why Ventura won the award all I need to say is Breakthrough competition and Vince McMahon on commentary even if Ventura needed a cheat sheet so did King.

O’Dea Note: Bob Barker was just pure gold and really put most other hosts to same. And the two Raws either side of Survivor Series, were some of the best in ages. I think I enjoyed watching nearly every minute of the Raw with Roddy Piper at the MSG, why can’t we get more like this, oh sorry, I forgot that bad guest hosts are our eternal punishment for watching the WWE.

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