Tuesday, 15 December 2009

2009 Dirty Awards: Best Storyline of the Year

Nominations and Winner:
- John Cena Vs The Miz (Anti-Cena campaign) (Winner)
- Rey Mysterio Vs Bastista (Betrayal)
- Jeff Hardy Vs CM Punk (Lifestyle Choices)
- Randy Orton Vs Kofi Kingston ("Costing Title" and a Rising Star)
- Chris Jericho Vs. WWE Legends
This Dirty should not be confused with Best Feud of the Year. This Dirty is looking at everything involved except the matches between the Superstars involved. The reason why Cena vs. The Miz won is that it really helped The Miz get to where he is now a serious rising star. The promos The Miz cut were amazing and to be honest what he was saying about Cena echoed what some of the crowd was thinking. The Batista vs. Mysterio angle is good but I did dislike the use of Eddie Guerrero’s death which mean this storyline could never win the Dirty. Jeff Hardy and CM Punk had brilliant matches but the storyline itself got very repetitive, there is only so many times you can hear about freedom of choice and the evils of drugs before you get bored. Kingston vs. Orton the only thing perhaps stopping this feud winning the Dirty is that it started to late in the year. Y2J vs. Legends feud really got a shot in the arm by the violent assault against Ric Flair which might have been the first blood I had seen before the PG split which made it special. But Mickey Rouke and a lack of development let this feud down and meant it could not win the Dirty.

O’Dea Notes: And the fact that Mickey Rouke randomly calling him out and then being told that because of an insurance policy, he couldn’t fight a fly let alone a Jericho. We don’t care about Ironman 2.

NEXT UP: Tag Team of the Year

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