Tuesday, 15 December 2009

2009 Dirty Awards: Personal Note from Methos

This is the work is the best thing I have been involved with on The Dirt Sheet HD. The reason is that it was the first time me and O’Dea really worked together. The categories and the candidate were debated between the two of us but we agreed upon them in the end. The reasoning behind the decisions and the categories were written up by me. Whereas, like always O’Dea found most of and added all of the pictures to the article because I cannot, also all of the dates have been found by O’Dea because he has more patience than I am. We are different types of Wrestling fans but are both equally as dedicated. I do enjoy winding O’Dea up with facts from year before he started watching and I have lots of ammo. But he is one of my best friends because despite all my flaws he hasn’t ditched me, also he is one of my few friends who I can talk about WWE with a get a response other with ‘How old are you?’ or ‘I use to watch wrestling when I was in primary school’ or the most loathed ‘Don’t you know it is fake?’ So This is me saying thank you Duncan (yes I just broke Kayfabe) and the Dirt Sheet HD like our friendship will be still going strong in 2010.

O'Dea Note: This sounds so gay, why did I let him put this on the site?!

NEXT UP: Superstar of the Year

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