Wednesday, 16 December 2009

ECW, Some people need to Shut the Hell up

This is just a short article about ECW, the third brand of WWE. Now lets clear one thing up the last time O'Dea watched ECW George Bush was in the White House, so I would love to know where all his deep insight on the brand is coming from. With regards to me calming down about Regal cause he is English, well if O'Dea thinks that is the only reason I value about the British Brawler then he is very wrong. In all honest the WWE have been under using a very talented Superstar, Regal is one of the best technical wrestler in WWE and that was proved in WCW. Interestingly O'Dea mentioned Drew McIntyre because unlike William Regal Drew McIntyre is being used properly so therefore he would not need to jump up and down about him. Also if you are looking at the Dirty Awards they are meant to cover all of WWE which includes ECW and Kozlov is under-ratted but O'Dea has always hated Kozlov and to be honest he seems to hate all big men: Batista, Kozlov and the Great Khali all fall it to O'Dea's web of hate (although I agree with regards to Khali.) ECW has also got lots of great talented young superstars. What ECW lacks is time, being only a hour show it causes lots of difficulties in making the program fresh. But overall ECW has all the raw potential to be a great third brand if given the chance.

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