Tuesday, 15 December 2009

2009 Dirty Awards: OMG! Moment of the Year

Nominations and Winner:
- The Undertaker’s suicide dive at Wrestlemania 25, 5th April (Winner)
- Edge Blindsiding Kofi at No Way Out, 15th February
- JBL Quitting at Wrestlemania 25, 5th April
- The Miz and Morrison splitting up at WWE Draft, 13th April
- Big Show Chokeslams John Cena through the searchlight at Backlash, 26th April
The Suicide Dive won, because it was one of the few times WWE managed mine and O’Dea’s suspend disbelief. We both genuinely thought Taker had broken his neck. What made the moment better was realising that he was ok because it was still an amazing feat of athleticism. Edge blindsiding Kofi was a contender because after Edge lost it was funny and what made it more shocking is that Edge went on to win the title which was another surprise. JBL quitting was an OMG moment more for the way it happened rather than the event itself. Firstly I thought JBL would retire as champ and secondly I never imagined he would leave after a 30 second speech. (O’Dea Note: I still think it should have been the Jeff Hardy leg drop miss & twist of fate in the chair at WM25.) The splitting of the Greatest Tag Team of the 21st Century (arguably ever so far) was a shock because they were such a cohesive unit and they had a very popular internet show, the name of which I forget and yet WWE split them up but looks like they were right to do so because look how successful they are now. Big Show chokeslamming Cena was shocking but it was obviously staged and that is what let it down.

NEXT UP: Least Shocking Moment of the Year

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