Tuesday, 15 December 2009

2009 Dirty Awards: Worst PPV

Nominations and Winner:
- Bragging Rights, 25th October
- Hell in a Cell, 4th October (Winner)
- Judgement Day, 17th May
- The Bash, 28th June
- Summerslam, 23rd August
Where to start with this one? Well SummerSlam is there because it was not a Big Four Pay Per View fact. The problem with the other 4 is that I barely remember then except they sucked. Bragging Rights was a poor concept and despite a few good matches it didn’t have enough. Hell in a Cell however takes the biscuit for being a bad PPV though. Firstly Hell in a Cell matches are special, therefore having 3 in one night was going to be risky. The first Cell match had one positive Taker won. But to be honest the match did not need to be in a Cell as it was not used, nor was the match hardcore. Similar criticisms of Orton vs. Cena. (O’Dea Note: And the fact John Cena dropped a razor blade during the match, plain for everyone to see. Or was just that advertising, hey, Cena does Gillete ads. And considering at Bragging Rights they had an orgasm when John started bleeding I still don’t get it) DX vs. Legacy was good but it was not enough to save the night. Final point on the subject although I am not some blood lusting vampire if you watch Hell in a Cell matches in the past they are bloody affairs and because of PG WWE there was none of that.

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