Tuesday, 15 December 2009

2009 Dirty Awards: Worst Storyline of the Year

Nominations and Winners:
Vickie Guerrero Vs Santina/Santino Marella (Miss Wrestlemania)
Edge, Big Show and Vickie Guerrero (Love Triangle)
Paul Burchill Vs The Hurricane (Mask Vs ECW career)
Matt Hardy Vs Jeff Hardy (brother Vs brother) (Co-Winner)
Montreal Screwjob 4 (Co-Winner)
Now when you take away the matches in Matt vs. Jeff, you get a rather awkward brother vs. brother story that neither man wanted to be in. Also after the storyline ended it was forget and everyone ignored virtually everything that happened within the story. The other co-winning storyline had a similar affected. After Breaking Point we had Hell in a Cell and the entire submission match was forgotten likewise CM Punk vs. Scott Armstrong something that started after that match stopped abruptly as well. The key reason though why Montreal 4 is the co-winner of this Dirty is that it is the 4th time a screwjob has taken place in WWE in Montreal and the 3rd on that has been faked. When will WWE learn it was a shock the first time it is boring now.

If Kozlov vs. Jackson and the Ruthless Roundtable was the best thing to come from ECW this year then Paul Burchill/The Ripper vs. The Hurricane is the worse if anything Burchill Mask is reason enough but if I am honest the whole idea of the story lack one thing, people that care about it! The Vickie – Edge – Big Show love triangle was funny and lead to Vickie having some ‘splaining to do’ but it wasn’t right for a Wrestlemania but still was not as awkward as Hardy vs. Hardy or Montreal 4. To spend more than one sentence on Vickie vs. Santina would be a waste of time so I won’t, so all I will say is that it didn’t win the Dirty as I would rather not remember it.

NEXT UP: Best Storyline of the Year

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