Tuesday, 15 December 2009

2009 Dirty Awards: Worst Gimmick of the Year

Nominations and Winners:
- Cryme Tyme (Street Thugs)
- The Great Khali (Punjabi Playboy)
- Chavo Guerrero (Vicky Guerrero, Hornswoggle and Guest Host Whipping Boy) (Co-Winner)
- Hornswoggle (Leprechaun) (Co-Winner)
- Paul Burchill (The Ripper)

The winner of this Dirty has over stayed his welcome. The gimmick is boring and old. Since Hornswoggle has been split from Finlay it has made the gimmick boring, even worse people like Chavo Guerrero is being used to make Hornswoggle look good this links to why Chavo is the co-winner of this Dirty. Chavo’s gimmick is just insulting to a great wrestler and he should not be disrespected the way he has been. There are not words to express how much of a travesty it is. Hornswoggle’s gimmick is similar to Cryme Tyme’s although Cryme Tyme has been toned down to help them. The Great Khali’s gimmick is awful most because he is an awful wrestler and I use the term loosely. Paul Burchill’s gimmick is neither interesting and the mask is awful and to be honest it ties in to the idea of worst Storyline of the year.

O’Dea Note: Chavo is a great wrestler if WWE stopped crushing him and gave him a real feud, and not against Horny or the freak with bigger tits than most porn stars, Chris Masters, he could get somewhere and actually keep most of his credibility.

NEXT UP: Worst Storyline of the Year

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