Tuesday, 15 December 2009

2009 Dirty Awards: Worst Guest Host

Nominations and Winners:
- Jeremy Piven, 3rd August (Joint-Winner)
- Floyd ‘Money Mayweather, 24th August (Joint-Winner)
- Batista, 29th June
- Verne Tyroner, 30th November
- Nancy O'Dell and Maria Menounos, 12th October
Where do I start? Let’s do this chronologically. What was wrong with Jeremy Piven? Dr Ken was just an epic failure. Secondly the ultimate sin was committed he called Summerslam ‘Summerfest’ even an avid WWE fan like Methos was confused and thought that it was a beach party or something. Likewise Floyd Mayweather failed as a guest host because he was only on RAW for part of the show and all he did was make an awful match. So this Dirty is being shared.

O’Dea Note: Summerfest is actually a music festival in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA. And to add there have been some truly shocking guest hosts since the start, I think that these are true winners with Mayweather being the worst, turning up late because he probably shot someone the night before and then helped a negative stereotype by giving MVP knuckledusters, isn’t he an ex-con?

NEXT UP: Best Guest Host

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