Tuesday, 15 December 2009

2009 Dirty Awards: The Don't Come Back Award

Nominations and Winners
- Eugene (Co-Winners)
- Kizarny (Co-Winners)
- Santina Marella (Co-Winners)
- The Great Khali (Co-Winners)
- Jeremy Piven (Co-Winners)
Well, Santina was funny for a while but not for after a while it got old. The Great Khali is not a seller and is literally the immoveable object and not in a good way. Eugene was funny the first time but second time round old news and boring. Kizarny had so many promos but was such a disappointment. Jeremy Piven see Worst Guest Host to understand why we NEEEEVVVEEER EVVVVER want him in a WWE ring or backstage again.

NEXT UP: Best PPV Theme Song

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